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Out of the world’s 6000 different species of flora 4100 are found in the Caucasus and spread across unexplored meadows and gorges.

Don’t miss a chance to find endemic sorts of flora in Georgia.

Best Seasons:May, June, July, August, September
Popular Location:Stepantsminda, Svaneti,

List of Eco Adventures

    Bird Watching

    12 Days

    Explore unique Caucasian and migratory birds. Observe the species of water birds, birds of prey and songbirds. Just take your binocular and spirit of adventure! ...

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      Natural Carpet of Georgia

      8 Days

      Preserving up to 820 endemic species out of world’s 4100, Georgia is one of the correct destinations for florescence seekers. Discover an outstanding flora ranging from high mountain alpine zones and ...

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