Day Trips

Birtvisi Canyon Trek

Moderate trekking

The maze of Birtvisi Canyon is located about 60 km, South-West of Tbilisi, on the left bank of the river Algeti. An amazing natural shelter was discovered by local Lord back in 8th or 9th century, where he ordered to build an isolated hidden city which later became one of the most protected fortress-cities in Eastern Georgian Kingdom. But in 1403, on his eights attempt, it was conquered by Tamerlane. On this enjoyable trek, you will feel the incredibility of nature, where in the labyrinth of the canyons and miraculous forest lay the great secrets of an ancient civilization.

Beatiful Nature
Ruins of ancient fortress
Algeti Lake

The distance from Tbilisi to the Tbisi village is 60 km (1 hour driving).

Drive by Algeti valley to the village Tbisi. One hour trek till the entrance of Birtvisi Canyon. Full day exploration of the canyon, with climb to the ruins of ancient settlements at the top of the hill. Picnic lunch. Walk back to the Village and depart for Tbilisi.

Dont forget your camera and a definite spirit of adventure.

Transportation - car/minibus
Meals - picnic lunch will be prepared by Explore Georgia. Tea/coffee will be supplied.
Explore Leader: English/Russian speaking

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