Handicraft & Folk Songs

Handicraft pots in ImeretiThis unusual tour offers the visitor to explore national treasures in the museums, ethnography and traditional applied Art, to discover the ancient and original music, developed from 6th – 5th centuries as a ritual and celebrating songs, based on harmony of polyphony; Also, to participate in the process of making pottery, felt rugs, chasing metal and cloisonné enamel;
The oldest tradition of Georgian handicraft corresponding with pre-Christian culture became nowadays popular, attracting the scientists and ethnologists. The Georgian ceramics, often used in traditional fiestas are distinguished with its quality and variety of motifs; original style of carving wood, rich ornamental jewelry, unique cloisonné enamel, variation Handicraft pots in Imeretiof handmade textile and felt production, still so much required in the mountains, all these traditional handicraft has been successfully continued by Georgian artists, passing the knowledge from generation to generation. Georgian folklore is one of the main aspects in surviving and preserving national originality, religion and unique language trough its turbulent History.

Better to see it once with your own eyes than hear about it a hundred times!


Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Morning excursion to Sameba Cathedral during the church ceremony, listen choral music. Visit State Art museum and Traditional textile workshops, participate in felt production ;
Day 3 - Depart for Kutaisi via Mtskheta. Visit weaving baskets makers and participate in pottery workshops. Visit Bagrati cathedral & Gelati monastery complex;
Day 4 - Explore the traditional dance performing by children. Visit Art workshops of dye & batiks, metal embossing and cloisonné enamel in Tbilisi;
Day 5 - Depart for Telavi via Signage. Explore royal fortified city and womans choral songs, visit felt workshop in Alvani and welcome dinner with songs of Tsinandali in local wine cellar in Telavi;
Day 6 - Sightseeing around Telavi. Visit Gremi. Drive back to Tbilisi for overnight;
Day 7 - Morning church service in Anchikhati Bazilika. Explore ethnography Museums. Involve in the process of art together with Georgian puppet makers, show, cloisonné enamel, participate in Georgian cooking at Traditional restaurant Tamada;
Day 8 - Departure

The tour provides package service. The program is also flexible and can be adjusted to clients demands and requirements. Season for this tour is not limited; however the ideal period is from April through summer and till middle of November.
Accommodation & Meals
Hotels/guesthouses BB (5 nights), HB (2 nights)
Mode of travel: coach/on foot.
Tour Staff & Support: Explore Leader, driver (s), assistant, some local guides.
Group size: Not Limited

For detailed program and practical information contact at: info@exploregeorgia.com

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