Vani Hellenistic City


Include excavation of Vani Hellenistic city
This Program gives unparallel opportunity to develop new, fundamental knowledge about Georgia, known from the earliest times as a geographically advantageous crossroad country, a homeland of Golden Fleece and wine.
This exclusive tour will introduce you the most of important cities and monuments of Georgian ancient kingdoms: Iberia and Kolkheti, and also will give a chance to participate in the excavations of an ancient city of Kolkheti Kingdom, Vani Architectural site, lead by Dr Darejan Kacharava and Dr. Dimitri Akhvlediani.
During the 4 days visitors will be involved in archaeological excavations at Vani site, well-known from the earliest times as a rich city of old Kolkheti kingdom. Alongside of archaeological exploration of the Bronze Age burials up to Hellenistic period, ritual complexes and workshops visitor will see rich cultural heritage and other remarkable monuments of Western and Eastern Georgia; also have the deep acquaintance with social, economical and cultural aspects of relationship of Georgia and Greek - Roman civilizations, from 8th century BC to 1st c AD.

For the period of this unusual voyage you will cross nearly all the regions and provinces of Georgia from fertile valleys and spectacular gorges to the Black Sea coast, along the traces of the Argonauts.
Alongside of archeological exploration you will visit rich cultural heritage and other remarkable monuments of Georgia get acquainted with the earliest human being of 1.7 million years old founded in Dmanisi medieval city. And finally, you will taste traditional healthy food and wine in the warm hospitable atmosphere.

Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!


Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Tbilisi city tour & Museums
Day 3 - Explore Mtskheta - UNESCO World Heritage site & Ananuru Architectural complex
Day 4 - Drive to Vani via ancient city Uplistikhe, short visit of Stalins museum and Ubisi church
Day 5 - Exploration of Vani area and museum. Slide show and lecture
Day 6 - Archaeological excavations of Vani photo fixation of archeological materials, seminar
Day 7 - Archaeological excavations of Vani photo fixation of archeological materials, seminar
Day 8 - Drive to Kutaisi. Visit Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Academy complex
Day 9 - Drive to Batumi via Nokalakevi Archaeological and Architectural site. Visit Tsikhisdziri Petra castle
Day 10 - Drive to Gonio Roman fortification nearby Turkish border. Time for leisure. Night train to Tbilisi
Day 11 - Early arrival in Tbilisi. Free time
Day 12 - Explore the archaeological sites of Tsikheagora, Dzalisi and Tsilkani church
Day 13 - Visit David Gareji monastery complex. Return back to Tbilisi
Day 14 - Day trip to Dmanisi medieval city & Archaeological site. Visit Bolnisi Sioni & Tsugrugasheni
Day 15 - Departure


The tour provides package service, BB and HB in Tbilisi, FB in countryside. The program is also flexible and can be adjusted to clients demands and requirements.
Accommodation & Meals
Hotels/guesthouses/archeological base/ local families BB (2night), HB (5night), FB (9nights) as listed in the detailed program.
Mode of travel: coach/minibus/4WD/on foot.
Tour Staff & Support: Explore Guide, Expedition leader, lecturer, worker/assistant (s), driver (s), cook and some local guides.
Group size: up to 14 participants (please ask for details in case of larger group)

Tbilisi City Tour: State Museum of history and art-treasuries of Georgia, Old Town;
Narikala Fortress 4th century; Metekhi church 13th century; Anchiskhati basilica 6th century;
Sulfur bathes; Sioni Cathedral; Old Synagogue;
Mtskheta - an ancient capital of Georgia /UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Svetistkhoveli Cathedral of 11th century;
Uplistsikhe cave city from 1st mill BC;
Ubisi church of 9th century;
Nokalakevi - Archaeopolis, from 4th-6th AD Political center of Western Georgia.
Gelati Academy 12th century, mosaics and murals from 12-17th centuries;
Bagrat Cathedral built in 1007;
Gonio 3rd - 2nd century BC;
Tsikhisdziri Petra 4th – 6th century fortification of Porta Limnos
Vani - Archeological site from 700 BC to 100 AD;
Stalins Museum and house of Birth;
Ateni Sioni church of 7th century with frescos;
Tsikheagora Zoroastrian Temple from 3nd millennium BC -1AD;
Dzalisi Hellenistic architectural site from 1BC - 1AD;
Tsilkani church of 6th century;
Bolnisi basilica of 5th century;
Tsugrugasheni church of 13th century;
Dmanisi medieval city and archeological site;

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