Georgian Mountain Mystery

This is a trip to really unique and the most beautiful parts of Georgia – Khevi and Tusheti provinces. It will introduce the history, culture and traditions of the people who managed to preserve its national originality, religion and culture, often fought to maintain their independence over the centuries. These ancient settlements are known for their medieval watchtowers, still preserved rituals and customs, fascinating views of snow caped mountains, alpine meadows, roaring rivers and waterfalls.
The tour starts with sightseeing tour of Mtskheta – an ancient capital of Georgia and continues to the North, along the Georgian Military Highway to Mtiuleti & Khevi provinces. This ancient road is still important as the main link connecting all south Caucasus countries with Russia. Camp in Truso ValleyAt the height of 2379 meters the road is crossing the Main Caucasus Range, which is a geographical border between Europe and Asia.
While on trek youll enjoy fascinating views of alpine meadows, roaring rivers and waterfalls, abandoned ancient settlements of Truso valley and the breathtaking panorama of the Caucasus giant - Mount Kazbek, soaring to the height of 5047m.
After stopover in Tbilisi continue to the East, via wine producing province of Kakheti drive to one of the most ecologically unspoiled and still unexplored by travelers – province of Tusheti.
The first vehicle in this area was seen only in 1982, till nowadays the road is blocked by snow for 7-8 months a year and there is no electricity. Most of Tushetians lead nomadic way of life and move to Kakheti lowlands in winter. However a couple of families stay there year around and you will have a fantastic opportunity to share the table with this brave people – who strongly follow a great and ancient tradition of Georgia - the guest is ‘a gift from God

Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

Day 1 - Arrive in Tbilisi
Day 2 - Morning excursion of Mtskheta. Trek to Gudauri via Khada Gorge
Day 3 - Trek over the Kobi pass (2900 m) to Truso gorge
Day 4 - Explore Truso valley
Day 5 - Drive to Kazbegi village. Explore area & back to Gudauri
Day 6 - Return to Tbilisi. City sightseeing tour
Day 7 - Drive via David Gareja semi desert to Telavi
Day 8 - Drive up to Tusheti over Abano Pass (2000m)
Day 9 - Trek to Shenako
Day 10 - Exploration of Shenako area
Day 11 - Trek to the villages Kvavlo & Dano. Continue to Chesho
Day 12 - Exploration Chesho area. Trek to villages Parsma & Girevi
Day 13 - Return to Tbilisi
Day 14 - Tbilisi Free day
Day 15 - Departure Transfer to the airport

The tour provides package service, BB/HB in Tbilisi, FB in countryside. The program is also flexible and can be adjusted to clients demands and requirements.
Accommodation & Meals
Hotels/guesthouse/village houses/ camp. BB (2 nights), HB (2 nights), FB (10 nights) as listed in the detailed program.
Mode of travel: coach/4WD/on foot.
Tour Staff & Support: Explore Leader, driver (s), cook, assistant and some local guides.
Group size: up to 15 participants (please ask for details in case of larger group).


Tbilisi City Tour: State Museum of history and art - treasuries of Georgia, Old Town;
Narikala Fortress 4th century; Metekhi church 13th century; Anchiskhati basilica 6th century;
Sulfur bathes; Sioni Cathedral; Old Synagogue;
Mtskheta - an ancient Capital of Georgia/UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Svetistkhoveli Cathedral of 11th century;
Jvari Church dating from 6th century;
Ananury architectural complexes 16-17th centuries with frescos;
Mount Kazbek 5047 m;
Georgian Military Highway;
Jvari Pass 2379 m - the border of Europe and Asia;
Khada Gorge;
Truso valley;
Gveleti Gorge & Waterfall;
Darialy Canyon;
Gergeti Trinity church 14th century;
Shtrolta, Shenako, Dartlo, Kvavlo, Dano, Chesho, Parsma & Girevi villages of Tusheti province;
Telavi - historical city in Kakheti province;

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