Mountaing of Prometheus - Mt. Kazbeg



Old Meteostation
Mount Kazbek is not just another peak over 5000 metres with superb climbs and walks – its a mythological mountain, called Mount Caucasus in ancient Greek legend – here Zeus punished the God Prometheus for giving fire to mankind. He was chained to its cliffs and a raven sent to peck at his liver. This story has a curious parallel with the Georgian legend of Amirani – local to the Kazbegi region. Another god-like character who, in the Georgians case, challenged God directly – and when he failed his ordeal was also chained to the flank of this dramatic mountain, called by Georgians Mkinvartsveri. Since then locals claimed it was climbed by Joseph from Khevi in the 17th century – but officially the first ascent was made by the Englishman Douglas Freshfield, accompanied by local guides in 1868 – who later became Director of the Royal Geographical Society.

Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Depart for Mtskheta. Continue via Ananuri complex to Kazbegi
Day 3 - Trek to ‘Betlemi Hut – 3670 m
Day 4 - Acclimatization
Day 5 - Ascend Mt. Kazbek
Day 6 - Betlemi Hut to Kazbegi. Drive to Tbilisi
Day 7 - Tbilisi Free day
Day 8 - Departure

The tour provides package service BB in Tbilisi, FB in countryside.
Accommodation & Meals:
Hotel BB (3 nights), Huts FB (4 nights) as listed in the detailed program.
Mode of travel: coach/on foot.
Tour Staff & Support: Explore Leader/Certified Mountain Guide, driver (s) and some local guides.
Group size: up to 15 participants (please ask for details in case of larger group)

Mount Kazbek (Mkinvartsveri) - 5047 m
Tbilisi - Capital of Georgia
Mtskheta - an ancient capital of Georgia/UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Ananury - architectural complex 16-17th cc with frescos;
Georgian Military Highway;
Gergeti Trinity church 14th centuries;
Jvari Pass 2379 m - Border of Europe ans Asia;
Kazbegi Beer!

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