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Winding The Wine Way

This tour is for the wine connoisseur – of every kind.

Harvest in Racha regionFor Georgians wine is a blessed liquid, not only because of Georgias Christian routes but from before. Georgians are proud of their ancient viniculture – that stretches back to the early Iron Age. One of the best red dry wines, Saperavi has been known from 3rd millennium BC!
Georgia is the country that invented wine. Concentrations of grape seeds were found in this region from the 5th millennium BC. Of the 2000 varieties of wine in the world today 500 are endemic to Georgia. Wine industry is flourishing again – producing over 100 kind of wine. Georgian families pride themselves on their own wines and the Georgian ‘tamada or toastmaster is famous up and down the Silk Road – as are the splendid and ancient polyphonic harmonies often heard at the Georgian table. Wine is still made in the traditional way by being fermented sometime for several years in a large jar (kvevri) buried up to their necks underground in traditional wine cellars (marani).
This Tour “Winding the Wine Way” shows famous wineries and vineyards, both traditional and modern. The wine rout leads wine favorites to Kakheti province - the main wine producing region of Georgia and Racha province the cradle of famous Khvanchkara grape. The program includes the wine testing, gives an opportunity to explore hospitality, traditions and the attitude of Georgians to the wine. Be aware of Georgian toasts that are numerous but the most important and popular are the toasts to the guests, friends, ladies, family members, relatives, mother land and house guard

Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Tbilisi & Mtskheta sightseeing tour
Day 3 - Drive from Tbilisi to Telavi. Visit Manavi &Tsinandali vine cellars
Day 4 - Explore Kakheti area. Visit vineries and vine cellars of local people
Day 5 - Drive via Fortified city of Signagi to Tbilisi
Day 6 - Drive to Oni via village Khvanchkara. Visit Nikortsminda & Barakoni churches
Day 7 - Return to Tbilisi via Kutaisi, visit to Gelati Monastery complex
Day 8 - Departure

The tour provides package service BB/HB in Tbilisi, FB in countryside. The program is also flexible and can be adjusted to the clients demands and requirements.
Accommodation & Meals
Guesthouses/Hotels BB(1 nights) HB(2 night), FB(4 nights) as listed in the detailed program.
Mode of travel: coach/on foot.
Tour Staff & Support: Explore Leader, driver(s), Tamada(s) and some local guides.
Group size: Not Limited

Tbilisi Tour of ancient city, treasuries of Georgia in the State Museum of history;
Wine cellar at the institute of agriculture and viniculture with collection of old wines;
Narikala Fortress 4th century; Metekhi church 13th century; Sulfur bathes;
Mtskheta - an ancient capital of Georgia /UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Ninotsminda fortified Cathedral dated to 7th century;
Signagi Royal fortified city;
Manavi winery in Manavi village;
Tsinandali estate and wine cellar of 19th century;
Telavi - historical city in Kakheti province;
Marani - traditional wine cellar in Georgia for making and keeping wine;
Old Shuamta Monstery dating from 6-8th centuries;
Alaverdi Cathedral of 11th century;
Gremi Architectural complex 16-17th centuries with frescoes;
Kvareli wine cellar in tunnels under the hill;
Kvelatsminda monastery dating from 8th century;
Nikortsminda 10th church;
Barakoni 17th century church;
Old synagogue in Oni;
Khvanchkara vinery, red semi sweet wine;
Gelati Academy 12th century;

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