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The Highest Village in Europe

This tour will introduce mostly undiscovered and unexplored mountain region in the Northwest part of Georgia. Upper and Lower Svaneti -presents an exceptional landscape that has preserved to a remarkable degree its original medieval appearance, attracting travelers of all kind. Indeed, more then 60% of visitors desire is to get to Svaneti as a most exiting destination.

Tour starts with sightseeing of old Tbilisi, and continues to different historical provinces to Kartli, the ancient Iberian Kingdom; Imereti province a homeland of Kolkheti kingdom towards the famous Svaneti region, were the fleecy skins were used to gather the gold in the gold bearing rivers, described by old historians Strabo and Appian in the story about the Jason and Argonauts.
Upper Svaneti one of the isolated regions of the Great Caucasus is an exceptional example of mountain scenery with medieval-type villages and towers, were traditions, language, folk-songs and spirit are still preserved and respected. The village Ushguli, named Chazhashi by locals is famous as a museum village with 200 dwelling towers, often used as a defense fortification in the past. In this village you will feel yourself in the medieval period were time has stopped.

Among of the variety of the highlights, placed in this program, you will explore the places included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites: City Museum Reserve of Mtskheta, Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery and Upper Svaneti.

And finally explore the various traditional dishes and famous Georgian wine with open heart hospitality.

Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Drive to Kutaisi via Mtskheta. Excursions to Uplistsikhe cave city & Bagrati Cathedral
Day 3 - Morning excursion of Gelati Academy . Drive up to Mestia via Latali
Day 4 - Explore Mestia region
Day 5 - Drive up to Usguli village passing villages Ipari & Kala
Day 6 - Explore Ushguli - the village museum. Back to Mestia. Visit Lenjeri
Day 7 - Drive towards Tbilisi . Visit Ubisi and Samtavisi churches
Day 8 - Departure

The tour provides package service, BB/HB in Tbilisi , FB in countryside. The program is also flexible and can be adjusted to clients` demands and requirements.
Accommodation & Meals:
Hotel/guesthouse/local families
BB (1 night), HB (1 night), FB (5 nights) as listed in the detailed program
Mode of travel: coach/minibus/4WD/on foot.
Tour Staff & Support: Explore Leader, driver (s) and some local guides.
Group size: Not Limited

Tbilisi City Tour: State Museum of history and art– treasuries of Georgia, Old Town;
Narikala Fortress 4th century; Metekhi church 13th century; Anchiskhati basilica 6th century;
Sulfur bathes; Sioni Cathedral; Old Synagogue;
Mtskheta - an ancient capital of Georgia/UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Svetistkhoveli Cathedral of 11th century;
Gelati Academy 12th century, mosaics and murals from 12-17th centuries /UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Bagrat Cathedral built in 1007 /UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
Mestia the heart of Svaneti;
Latali & Lenjeri villages;
Kala & Ipari villages;
Lagami church 13th century;
Museum of History & Ethnography in Mestia;
Ushguli Highest village in Europe with medieval towers/UNESCO World Heritage Site/;
La Maria Church complex 12th century;
Uplistsikhe cave city from 1st mill BC;
Ubisi church of 9th century;
Samtavisi church11th century;

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