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How to get to Georgia?


Arriving in Georgia



A number of airlines serve Georgia, either through direct or connecting flights.


Non-stop flights are available from the following cities: Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Riga, Warsaw, Istanbul,  Athens, Dubai, Doha, Tel-Aviv, Baku, Kiev, Odessa, Minsk, Alma-Ata, Urumchi,


Transit flights are offered by international airlines: Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Baltic and Ukraine International. Polish airlines and Alitalia   offer inexpensive flights from Europe.


Connecting flights to South Caucasus countries are available several times a week.


Tbilisi International Airport (TIA) Lochini Novo Alexeyevka – is about 18km (11 miles) east of Tbilisi centre.


Kutaisi International Airport operates WIzz Air low cost flights from Poland, Ukraine and Baltic Countries, as well as from Moscow Domodedovo and Minsk, Belarus airports.


How to Get to Tbilisi by Road and Rail

Travellers who drive into Georgia from Turkey cross the border at Kemalpasra into Sarpi (West Georgia/ Black Sea coast – a distance of 400 km to Tbilisi and 15 km to Batumi) or Posof (Turkey) into Vale (South West Georgia – a distance of  300 km to Tbilisi).


Entrance by road is also available via Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. Travellers from Azerbaijan cross the borders of Lagodekhi (Eastern Georgia – a distance of 170 km to Tbilisi.) An alternative route is through Red Bridge (South-East Georgia; distance of 70 km to Tbilisi).

From Armenia visitors cross Sadakhlo/Bagratashen (South-East Georgia; a distance of l70 km to Tbilisi) and Bavra (Southern Georgia -a distance of 330 km to Tbilisi). The Russian/Georgia border is opened for travellers at Upper Larsi (North-East Georgia – a distance of 153 km to Tbilisi).


Rail links are open between Georgia and Armenia and Azerbaijan, carrying holidaymakers to the Black Sea in summer. The “Silk Road” overnight train carries tourists to Baku along the ancient Silk Road.


Getting to Georgia by the Black Sea

Batumi and Poti are major passenger ship ports on the Black Sea coast. Travelling by ferry from Batumi to Ilychevsk (Ukraine) is a particularly worthwhile option. Car transport is available onboard.
More information can be found on; Ferries to Poti depart from Ukrainian ports, Ilyichevsk and Odessa.

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