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Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce our exciting company, “Explore Georgia.” We are a local tour operator based here in Tbilisi and our doors are open to travelers of all kinds. We have developed our business over many years working both for Georgian and foreign tour operators. Our experience has made us experts as tour leaders, managers, guides and most importantly, in understanding the needs of our guests. This is not only because we are Georgians, but because we come from a highly rofessional background.

At the moment Georgia is going through a renaissance both politically and culturally. More and more people are learning about the fabulous touristic opportunities of this country. We offer an exceptional variety of tourism products and we are very able to cater for a wide range of specialized demands and requirements. We believe this is our key advantage.

Let us invite you to explore Georgia - by foot, on horseback, by bike, in four wheel drive, on rafts, from the top of snow capped mountains, or from the inside of a comfortable vehicle. Our country offers outstanding and untouched nature, unique architectural monuments, high mountains, turbulent rivers, mysterious caves, deep forests and most importantly- open hearted people, who are always looking forward for opportunities to show their hospitality. All this awaits to be explored by you. Nick Erkomaishvili

So dear friends, our doors are wide open - please come and visit.

With best regards,
Nick Erkomaishvili
Chief Exploration Officer (CEO)
Explore Georgia Ltd.
Certified Mountain Guide

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